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July 29, 2013

coup de coeur

On a boiling hot afternoon without air conditioning, there's little to be done but lie as still as possible in front of the fan, like a comatose starfish, and avoid touching any body parts. Or you can brave the heat in hopes of catching a fleeting breeze on a bike ride. This particular day, I chose the latter, and headed straight to la Chambre aux Oiseaux. It seemed like just the place to spend a summer afternoon, lingering over an ice cold lemonade and good conversation with a friend.

Equipped with a flowy sundress for maximum wind circulation (the best reason to wear a dress in the summer), I pedaled under the deliciously cool shade of trees up to Canal St. Martin. Just two steps away from the canal sits la Chambre aux Oiseaux, a total gem that feels like it was plucked straight out of a sleepy street in the West Village. Rustic and inviting, like the living room of your stylish best friend who knows the best vendors at the flea market, la Chambre aux Oiseaux is the perfect spot to curl up on a cozy couch, with a well worn book and a cup of tea. This was a cafe after my own heart, filled with those little details that make a place so special -- a true coup de coeur.

La Chambre aux Oiseaux, ParisLa Chambre aux Oiseaux, Paris La Chambre aux Oiseaux, Paris

La Chambre aux Oiseaux, Paris La Chambre aux Oiseaux, Paris La Chambre aux oiseaux, Paris La Chambre aux Oiseaux, Paris La Chambre aux Oiseaux, Paris La Chambre aux Oiseaux, Paris

La Chambre aux oiseaux
48, rue Bichat
Paris 75010
+33 9 81 45 45 38


  1. Such a pretty place! If I lived in Paris, I'd definitely stop by for a snack : 3
    I'm a big fan of your pictures, they're so beautiful!

  2. i love these colors! so dreamy.

  3. you write such beautiful words Christine and those photos are stunning! lovely post xx

  4. Beautiful place!! I'll have to try it out!
    In my case even if it's too hot I think it's better to go out... I end up enjoying up the heat more when I'm in the move than when I'm stuck at home all sweaty ^^ (plus my appartment ends up being hotter than outside)
    Your photos are gorgeous as always, can't wait to see more :)

  5. This looks like the most adorable little place! I love the décor! Xx

    K a t e C r o s s | Modette

  6. tu as le don de restituer les atmosphères des lieux où tu te rends. bel endroit, photos superbes qui donnent envie d'y aller très vite

  7. Absolutely stunning...I am dreaming of nightingales and lemonade....

  8. I love quaint little cafes. I wish I was there right now, surrounded by that gorgeous wallpaper! And of course, as always, your photography is stunning Christine :D

  9. That wallpaper is just stunning! I would love to curl up in that gold chair with a nice cappuccino:)

  10. The places you go to, Christine, are like from some kind of unrealistic dream of mine. And yes. I dream a lot of Paris. Especially after becoming your follower!

  11. so beautiful!

  12. This place is really an adorable little gem. I'll definately bookmark it for my next trip to Paris. And, oh, that lovely wallpaper...

  13. Oh how gorgeous! Certainly tucking this one away for a future trip.

  14. such a great place to hangout! love the wallpaper ♥

  15. What a stunning post and a stunning cafe. This place has just gone to the top of my Paris to-do list!


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