Simple Pleasures | No. 4

April 15, 2014

Simple Pleasures is a series celebrating the little moments in life that bring a smile to your face. Wherever you are in your pocket of the world, I hope this week's simple pleasures send a sprinkle of cheer your way. 

Spring has graced us with her pastel presence, and the streets are brimming with sunshine and rosé induced euphoria. To take advantage of the generous hours of daylight, I've been hopping on a Vélib every chance I can get, transforming the dreaded commute from work into a blissful moment of freedom. Instead of being stuck underground, sandwiched between briefcases and grocery bags, Paris is my very own oyster from the seat of a bike. 

As my legs pedal the familiar route home, the golden rays of dusk bathe the city in its luminous light. My rebellious hair, on a joy ride of its own, flies like a kite in the wind. Shades of pink and fresh blossoms greet me on every corner; honking buses and frustrations have no place in this world of mine. A beacon in the distance, the July Column peeks out between a canopy of trees, beckoning me in the right direction. 

Heart beating in my ears, I discover that my journey has come to an end. The sights and sounds have dosed me with a much needed boost of energy, in addition to a hole in my stomach that can only be filled with a crêpe or two. What better way to soak up every last bit of spring's company?

Cheers to my favorite season and its many simple pleasures! 

Blossoms in Paris |

Blossoms in Paris |

A Walk in Paris | Passage l'Homme

March 24, 2014

I must confess: this blog is soon becoming a love letter to Paris and its many hidden passageways and streets, but can you blame me? I love capturing a glimpse of Paris slightly undone and unkempt, trading manicured gardens and macarons for forgotten cobblestone streets and weathered doors. Just like their human counterparts, when cities let their guard down and reveal their cracks and crevices, they become even more fascinating.. There are two sides to this city: the glossy, perfectly crafted Ladurée side featured on the silver screen, and then, there are these hidden, unassuming treasures full of life that make me dream even more.

For this morning's walk in Paris, allow me to introduce you to the Passage l'Homme, an ivy-covered bohemian escape, just a hop and a skip away from the chaos of Bastille. 

Enjoy! And a Happy Monday to you all. xx

Passage l'Homme, Paris |
Passage l'Homme, Paris | Passage L'Homme, Paris | Passage l'Homme, Paris |

Eye Candy

March 6, 2014

Just wanted to pop in to share a bit of eye candy, and wish you all a lovely, sun-filled start to March! Spring is right around the corner, and spotting the very first signs of my favorite season has me dreaming of bare legs on a blanket of soft green grass, and afternoon picnics beneath the cherry blossoms. Can you feel it? It's still chilly here, and you'll probably see me bundled up in a coat until May at the very least (I'm forever cold), but the sun is shining and hope is in the air. That's all a girl can ask for, really. 

IMG_2826b IMG_2839v Paris | IMG_2128b Paris |
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